CORE envisions groups of local stakeholders committed to and engaged in identifying, promoting, and expanding the strengths and successes of public education in America – securing its fundamental role in creating a civil society of people who learn, work, and live well, together.


CORE partners seek to engage communities stakeholders with district leadership to secure their commitment to identify the positive core of their school system in order to build upon their strengths as they determine what to preserve and renew as they explore the future public schooling for the betterment of their communities, the nation, and the world.

The CORE partners aims to create a culture of possibility in public education. We implement this mission by actively supporting educational stakeholders in:

  • Sharing stories of success
  • Inquiring into their positive core
  • Engaging in generative conversations for change
  • Co-constructing a vision of their collective future
  • Designing actionable pathways forward
  • Holding themselves accountable for achieving the results they seek through self-designed internal accountability systems and metrics.

The CORE partners will work experts across the country to contribute to this culture of possibility through local, state, and national capacity building efforts for positive, strengths-based change and innovation.


The goal of the CORE partnership is to help build public educational systems one at a time that are highly valued for their capacity to meet the diverse academic and social needs of learners in our country, positively strengthen each school communities to contribute to student, staff and community economic, social, and personal well-being.