John Mann
Executive Associate 
The Center for Appreciative 
​Organizing in Education
Welcome to The Center for Appreciative Organizing in Education (AOE) blog. We created this blog in order to share new knowledge and best practices in Appreciative Organizing.

Our latest book, A Positive Manifesto:  How Appreciative Schools Can Transform Public Education applies Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to innovation in public education through the authors’ Appreciative Organizing framework. The blog will focus on theories of positive psychology from the authors of A Positive Manifesto, as well as from other education professionals throughout the country.

We hope this blog will deepen the national conversation of transformative educational reform based upon the experiences of successful school leaders. Listen as these professionals share their stories of Appreciative Organizing in education. They will discuss data,  anecdotes, and links to other helpful sources in order to engage in an online discussion of education reform.

​We are glad to have you join us in this exciting and important conversation about the current and shifting trends in our fragile public education system. Subscribe now and stay tuned for our stories.