Binding: Spiral-bound
Publication Date: March 1, 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9968649-9-2
Pages: 131
Price: $30.00 (print)

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A practical guide for those engaged in leadership preparation and development at the school, district, and university levels, The Journey of Appreciative School Leadership: A Guide for Strengths-Based Change is founded on the belief that it is our responsibility as leaders to use our strengths and talents to draw strength and talent from our colleagues and staffs. This book is for anyone and everyone—principals, assistant principals, specialists, department chairs, team leaders and teacher leaders—who is looking for a more positive and enduring way to impact education. Field-tested with over 400 assistant principals, principals, and district administrators, this is a vital resource and a must-have for anyone committed to truly innovative leadership development.

· A chapter-by-chapter breakdown of the six spheres of the AOE framework: core purpose and values, positive strengths-based change, relational leadership, generative learning and capacity building, internal and external accountability, and whole-system coherence.
· An extensive index of exercises to coach individuals, teams, and large or small groups in implementing each of the six domains of the AOE framework.
· Stories of success to inspire and to exemplify the positive benefits of the AOE framework put into action.
· A step-by-step plan for executing crucial school improvement projects.
· Resources for further research into and practice of positive strengths-based leadership.
· Builds from the research and theories introduced in 2015’s A Positive Manifesto: How Appreciative Schools Can Transform Public Education.

Click on the links below to download some sample exercises! 
From chapter 1: “Develop Your Core Values” 
From chapter 4: “Assessing Your Professional Network” 
​From chapter 7: “Developing Your Personal Core Values” 

Meet the authors

John L. Mann
LaSonja Roberts 
Leonard C. Burrello

Praise for the journey of appreciative school leadership: a guide for strengths-based change

This workbook has a lot of great information and guidance for practitioners who want to improve their organizations using AOE principles and frameworks. It is accessible and chock-full of terrific exercises practitioners can use.

               – Carl Lashley, University of North Carolina-Greensboro 

It is really helpful to have a set of exercises readily available to put the concepts covered in each chapter into practice right away. This helps to keep the material from ending up as inert, esoteric knowledge separate from the practical knowledge educators use every day.

               – Megan Tschannen-Moran, College of William and Mary