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This week, we’d like to pay our deepest respects to the University of Texas at San Antonio’s Bruce Barnett, a professor of educational leadership and policy studies and a leading scholar in our discipline. Recently, Bruce, who is also a Global Ed Leadership Distinguished Fellow, was profiled by Global Ed Leadership, and he shares a number of insights about his career and about how he has both mentored others and been mentored himself as he has strived to change public education for the better. 

Seeing as the overarching goal of this blog is to promote the sharing and discussing of ideas about educational policy, philosophy, and practice, it is only natural for us to sometimes bring in outside perspectives, particularly those of folks as experienced, versatile, and passionate as Bruce is. If you’re looking for ways to affect real, substantive change in these troubles times, you need look no further for some great advice. 

Check out the first part of Global Ed Leadership’s profile of Bruce Barnett here, and keep an eye out for the second part; we’ll let you know when it drops.