These pages include the theories and frameworks that guided the responses and innovative practices introduced from 2008 through 2020. It includes Chapter One that outlines the context, the issues, and insights into how to manage a school district losing state funding and changing external accountability simultaneously. If you are looking for a more resources or information about how to innovative and create your own frameworks view the lessons learned and reflective questions under how to use this book or purchase your copy of the book for yourself and others on your district leader team or school board members.

Three Theories, One Framework

(1) Two-Loop Theory of Change – Berkana Institute 

(2) Appreciative Inquiry – Cooperrider and Whitney (2005) and Appreciative Organizing in Education – Burrello, Beitz, and Mann (2016)

(3) Living Systems – Sanford (2018)

(4) Wallace Foundation Framework from district leaders to student learning goals