A Positive Manifesto

How Appreciative Schools Can Transform Public Education

by Leonard C. BurrelloLinda M. BeitzJohn L. Mann

Since the 1980s, new perspectives have emerged representing nothing short of a revolution in how we effect change. All arrows point to a future view that has at its core life-centric purposes and positive, strengths-based theory and practices. Appreciative inquiry (AI) has contributed significantly to the positive change revolution in many professional realms, such as the armed services, United Nations, and Fortune 500 businesses. A Positive Manifesto applies AI to innovation in public education through the authors’ Appreciative Organizing framework, giving public school leaders and stakeholders actionable pathways to take in creating schools that work for all.

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Meet The Authors


Leonard C. Burrello


Linda M. Beitz


John L. Mann

          Praise for The Manifesto

Appreciative Inquiry, Appreciative Organizing and Education are woven together in a groundbreaking examination of schools in the USA. A Positive Manifesto:  How Appreciative Schools Can Transform Public Education is  a blend of where we have been, stories of the best of where we are and indications of where we could go. I have been waiting for this book. Thank you  Burrello, Beitz and Mann.

               – Marjorie Schiller, Ph.D., has been consulting, teaching and writing about Appreciative Inquiry since the late 1980s

School leaders who adopt A Positive Manifesto will experience significant differences in their organizational culture, and their stakeholders will see schools in a much more positive light—a perfect win-win scenario.

               – Bruce Barrett, Professor at University of Texas at San Antonio

The book A Positive Manifesto:  How Appreciative Schools Can Transform Public Education is a great read for several reasons.  First, it does a wonderful job of outline the historical context and theory of appreciative inquiry, particularly as it relates to public education.  Secondly, the reader receives a fantastic review of the research and practices of appreciative inquiry, appreciative leadership and the development of relational leaders.  In my many years as a school leader, I felt that pervasive caring of teachers and staff was a key to student success.  This book solidifies and clarifies this strong belief.

If this book would have been available during the 14 years I was a Clinical Professor at Indiana University, I would have used it as a required reading for my leadership classes.  You need to go no further for an academic review of theory on relational leadership.

The bonus this book offers the reader is a plan to help an educational organization gain a new vision for their future in a totally different framework.  Most leaders feel their mission is to solve problems, and at some point this is true.  This book shares an inclusive process to create a new vision based on success and positive attributions of all engaged or interested in educational success of our children and youth.

Read this book.  It is extremely enlightening.

                – Ronald Barnes, partner at the search firm B.W.P and associates, and a emeritus clinical professor at Indiana University

Powerful discussion on relational leadership. Every educator needs to read this book.

                – Charlene Green, former Associate Superintendent for Support Services, Las Vegas, NV.

The book provides good way to think about beginning transformation in a positive way.

                 – Carolyn Shields, Wayne State University

A Positive Manifesto provides valuable and practical ways to authentically engage school communities and stakeholders in conversations for positive change and the actions needed to make it happen.

                – Vernon Johnson, President and CEO, accelertatelearning.com