Leonard C. Burrello
Executive Director
The Center for Appreciative
​Organizing in Education
Dear Folks,

 April 15th’s NYTimes offers an image of inspiration that, as soon as I read it, I thought of the appreciative consortium as Linda Beitz taught it. David Brooks again argues that “inspiration… is a secular word for what is actually a revolutionary, countercultural, and spiritual phenomenon.” He goes on to say “inspiration is always more active than mere appreciation. There’s is a thrilling feeling of elevation, a burst of energy, an awareness of enlarged possibilities. The person in the grip of inspiration has received, as if by magic, some new perception, some holistic understanding, along with the feeling that she is capable of more than she thought.”

Well, that was just the other day for me, and I continue to find more inspiration in the work I’ve done with leaders who are dedicated to the tenets and practices of Appreciative Organizing. I hope this will serve to keep you fueled up in your search for possibilities and opportunities to grow your leadership systems. Let me know if you get any goose bumps along the way!

Continued best wishes, as you do the work of the future each day!